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The Company

Insight Media Group is a FULL SERVICE organization that specializes in four specific areas of Multi-Media Production. These areas of specialization include; WEB DEVELOPMENT, GRAPHIC DESIGN, PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEOGRAPHY.

Founded in 2001, our range of services has increased every year. Additionally, the size of our staff of experts has increased as well, giving us the opportunity to broaden our service areas and to be able to successfully handle any size projects, be it small company projects to large corporate projects.

Our trained and educated staff of experts are always keeping up with the latest trends and techniques in these areas of media production. This not only keeps our staff trained and educated in cutting edge technologies and techniques but it also gives all our clients the advantage of having the latest and greatest in everything we do for them. Keeping them ahead of their competitors.

We also pride ourselves in being able to do the work that is necessary for your project, be it in Web Development, Graphic Design, Photography or Videography, utilizing the latest and greatest in computer software and hardware. This again gives us the ability to create cutting edge material that will keep you ahead of your competition. Our staff of experts are all trained to a master level on most software's they use like Adobe and Corel.

A Brief History

Insight Media Group was founded in 2001 by Eric M. Williams. Mr. Williams is a business entrepreneur that has owned and operated several different companies throughout his life.

Beginning with "Fantasies to Productions, a photography and videography company that Mr. Williams started in the early 90's that specialized in weddings, anniversaries, special occasions and things of that nature. Mr. Williams grew this company and soon was offering additional services that required him to learn additional talents like graphic arts. These included custom designed covers for Cd's and DVD's, graphic enhanced photo albums and specially designed keepsake covers.

For several years "Fantasies to Productions" continued to grow and continued to offer additional services that continued to educate Mr. Williams in additional areas of media production. Mr. Williams was then approached by a client one day, that requested his assistance in the design of a web site for his business. After successfully completing this project for the client Mr. Williams then decided that it was finally time to create a new company that would encompass all the areas of training and knowledge that he had developed over the years and hence "Insight Media Group" was born.

Mr. Williams quickly went to work on growing this new company to be able to offer a wide range of services to his ever-growing list of clients. Mr. Williams started to recruit talented individuals to join his team and within a few years had established a large network of freelance designers, graphic artists, web developers, database developers and programmers from around the world.

In 2008, Mr. Williams with the help of several people on his team established the companies first branch office in Hyderabad, India. This branch office is our key to helping our clients develop leading edge websites of all types especially e-commerce websites. Our Hyderabad office is our primary database and custom designed code development center and has some of the industry's best educated talent in it.

Now focusing on the development and creation of large E-Commerce websites IMG advertises that we can photograph your product, produce a video infomercial or spokesperson, create and design a unique graphic identity for your company and put it all together in an E-Commerce website. IMG is the ultimate in one stop shop for all your Web Development, Graphic Design, Photography and Videography needs.

Our Company Today

Insight Media Group is today a large organization that offers complete full service in the areas of Web Development, Graphic Design, Photography and Videography. Please review the rest of our website to gather additional information about all the services we offer.

As always, we continue to pride ourselves in the ability to produce truly custom designed material for our clients. We also continue to develop our company and to expand the list of services we offer.

Additionally, we continue to hone our skills and talents to continue to be able to produce cutting edge material for our clients.

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