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Insight Media Group Solutions

IMG offers only the very best solutions for any project you may have in either Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography or Videography. We pride ourselves in being able to custom produce any solution that may be required for your project to be successful.

Web Development Solutions:

  • E-Commerce, IMG provides a wide array of solutions for our clients when it comes to e-commerce. Not only are we able to work with any off the shelf third party shopping cart such as; OS-Commerce, XCart, ZenCart, Miva, PayPal and all the others as well but we are able to custom build you a shopping cart to meet the requirements for any product or service you have. This includes your very own custom designed administrative interface to manage everything within your e-commerce website. Our team of expert e-commerce developers are trained and skilled at every aspect of e-commerce development including all front and back end processes. Gives us a call today and see what we can do for you.

  • Search Engine Optimization, IMG is a leader in this field and has a great selection of solutions designed just for this very important aspect of web development. We set ourselves apart from our competition by offering a Guarantee. That's right a GUARANTEE that we can get a first page listing in a major search engine for your website. Not every S.E.O. company can do that. We have developed a system that works so well that we can offer this guarantee to our clients. We fully optimize your website including meta tags, alt tags, title tags and every other tag there is and build the proper keyword structure and density to get your site noticed by the search engine spiders. The we utilize our proprietary software to submit your website to both major and minor search engines as well as search directories. We also offer services that include article writing, backlinking, link exchanges and banner exchanges. Our staff of experts also manage our clients Pay Per Click campaigns on Google, Yahoo and now Facebook. They are trained Adwords experts and can get you the results you need from your pay per click programs. Let IMG show you what we can do when it comes to S.E.O..

  • Website Maintenance, IMG provides a variety of solutions to our clients when it comes to website maintenance. Our maintenance plans offer our clients the solutions they need and require for their websites to stay up to date and appealing to their customers. Our maintenance plans are based on a discounted hourly wage for our services so a maintenance plan can truly save you money over time. These plans are unique in the industry because of a special feature only found in our plans referred to as "ROLL OVER". This feature allows for any unused maintenance hours for any given month to be rolled over to the next month and so on as long as you have an active maintenance agreement in place with us. This gives our clients the benefit of never loosing any maintenance hour they have paid for. Our maintenance plans also offer 24 hour call support and security monitoring of your website. In today's internet market you not only need to stand out by providing good up to date information but you also need to make sure that your website is fully secure for your customers safety. IMG has the skill, knowledge and experience to make sure that your website runs in the best shape possible at all times. Give us a call and ask about our discounted maintenance plans today.

  • Touch Screen Applications, IMG is now designing and developing touch screen applications for use on the new Windows 11 Operating System. We are developing these new cutting edge touch screen applications to better serve our clients and provide them with the latest and greatest cutting edge solutions that can currently be developed. These unique touch screen applications can be developed for any industry that would like to offer their customers a truly unique experience. Our team of developers have already created several touch screen applications for several different industries including, automotive, hospitality and retail. Just think of what a unique marketing tool this could be for any industry. Come see what we can do for you in this new and emerging field of touch screen applications.

Graphic Design Solutions:

  • Corporate Image Sets, The image you present to your customers is the most important thing for any business and we know it. Our highly skilled, trained and experienced graphic designers can design a corporate image for you that will last a lifetime and gain you name recognition for your business. From your company logo to business cards to letterhead you need a consistent image that your customers will grow to know and respect. We have custom designed many of our clients business logos, business cards, brochures, print ads and direct mailers as well and continue to produce high quality graphic design work. Gives us a call and see what we can do for your corporate image.

  • Marketing Materials, IMG has been designing and creating marketing materials for our clients for many years and we have been able to continue to produce extremely high quality work. Our graphic designer are continually learning new techniques, styles and trends in this ever change industry. They are fully skilled at creating something that is unique and special no matter what the project is for. We have designed brochures, flyers, direct mailers, print and magazine ads as well as advertising banners, stickers, t-shirts and just about everything else you can use for marketing and advertising. Our highly skilled team a marketing material designers are ready for your next project and await your call.

Photography Solutions:

  • Product Photography, If it is true that a picture can say a thousand words then you better get that picture right and that is just what IMG can do for you. Our expert photographers have been capturing images for more than 25 years and they have developed their skills and talents to be able to successfully capture any image. They understand the subtleties of light and color and the use of solid and reflective surfaces so they can capture your product in a way that you may not have seen before but will drive people to choose it over and over again. This special ability is only found if a few professional photographers and IMG has the best. Let us capture your product and show you what a good image can do for sales and promotions.

Videography Solutions:

  • Video Marketing, Today almost everyone is talking about the use of video in many different ways and one of the most important ways video is used today is in marketing. That's right marketing. Everything from products to services to just information is being put on video and used for marketing and IMG has been providing this service to our clients for many years. From special video spokespersons for your website or product demonstrations to simple video infomercial's or even full scale video productions for TV, Cable and others IMG has the production team that can handle it. Our team of video production professionals have years of hands on experience and have successfully completed projects of every size and style. From pre-production to post-production IMG's video production team can produce your video and create something you can use for years to come. Give us a call and ask about our new green screen video spokesperson shoots that can increase your website conversions dramatically.



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